Interested in TrueCrypt security? Talk to us

We have just kicked off a new project financed by the BSI which has the goal to perform a security evaluation of the current TrueCrypt code base. Do you have any particular insights about TrueCrypt security? Do you want to discuss with us more about what the advisory on the TrueCrypt homepage really means? Then meet with me at 31C3 or drop me a line. You can find my contact data and PGP key here.

SPLlift awarded the IT-Sicherheitspreis (2nd place)

On Thursday, SPLlift, our approach for Analyzing Software Product Lines in Minutes instead of Years, was awarded the second price at the German IT-Sicherheitspreis. This was joint work with Mira Mezini (to the right), Claus Brabrand, Marcio Ribeiro, Paulo Borba and Tarsis Toledo. Many thanks for the fruitful collaboration! And Many thanks to Horst Görtz and his Foundation for donating this award!

1st place went to Kastel’s project on Blurry-Box Cryptography, the first provably secure software-protection dongle. Congrats!